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Czech Furniture Manufacturer
Czech Furniture Manufacturer
Quality furniture direct from the manufacturer.
Spare parts availability
Spare parts availability
We help fix, not throw out.
We produce metal furniture
We produce metal furniture
Recycling is in the genes of every one of our produc
10 years warranty
10 years warranty
We have complete confidence in our products.
Best-selling products
2019 7047M BACK
Design Locker #2019
In production - delivery in 4 weeks

A narrow locker for a cloakroom or changing room.

Code: 2019/7047M
1815 title sedy siroke 1003
New Iconic
Bookshelf #1815
In production - delivery in 6 weeks
€1 126

Bookcase with five shelves and metal dividers with characteristic perforation. Shelves in an elegant laminate. Design by Vrtiška & Žák.

Code: 1815/S/180/1003M
Fleysen hodiny #1410 RAL 6004
Wall clock #1410
In stock (2 pcs)

Perforated metal wall clock.

Code: 1410/7047M
2011 6021M BACK
Cabinet #2011
In stock (3 pcs)

Metal storage cabinet with 4 adjustable shelves (80×190×40cm)

Code: 2011/7047M

Original furniture designed and produced in the heart of Europe

We’ve been working with metal in the Czech-German border region since 1960. We started out manufacturing electric switchboards, but in 1989 we added furniture to our offer. We’re building on the centuries-old tradition of industry in our region, with consideration for sustainability and harmony with the surrounding nature and the local community. In 2021 we launched production of Fleysen designer metal furniture in collaboration with some leading European designers. Our very first collection, created by Filip Mirbauer and Michal Strach, was nominated for best furniture collection at Designblok 2021 in Prague.

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