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Work with a Czech brand and support traditional production in West Bohemia

In Plesná on the Czech-German border, we have been working with metal since 1960. However, production in the local factory has been going on since 1878, when a hosiery workshop was founded here. By cooperating with our brand, you get functional designer furniture and at the same time support traditional Czech production in a factory that was one of the few to survive the pitfalls of the 20th century.


Who Fleysen is for

Fleysen metal furniture and accessories are designed for the interiors of homes, showrooms, shops and other places that place considerable demands on function and aesthetics. We work with architects, interior designers and other professionals in related fields.

Why choose Fleysen

Metal is easy to maintain, highly durable and has the load-bearing capacity to ensure Fleysen furniture retains its reputed subtlety. One of the distinctive features of Fleysen products is the wide range of pre-made colours that match all the RAL shades we use to paint our furniture. Thanks to the facilities of our large factory, Fleysen furniture can be produced in large quantities, at lower costs and new designs can be developed. For larger orders, we can modify the design of existing products or create completely new ones.


Design and Awards

Fleysen products are designed by renowned designers. The first collections were designed by Filip Mirbauer and Michal Strach, and the very first launch of the colourful shelving, chests of drawers and lights at Designblok 2021 was a success when the range was nominated for the Designblok award in the Best Furniture category and the Czech Grand Design award.


Lucie Kučerová Rožanská at the Vibe store in Prague. Photos by Dita Havránková

Fleysen Custom

Take a look at our latest projects and read interviews with architects and designers who have used our products in their projects.
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If you are interested in Fleysen products for your project, we would be happy to discuss the details of the collaboration with you.

Contact person:
Brand Manager
Jiří Mrázek
00420 603 145 362

Benefits of cooperation with Fleysen

When you sign up to our Pro Portal and we approve your registration, you will automatically receive a 5% discount on the entire Fleysen range. With long-term cooperation and a larger number of orders, it is possible to agree a larger discount. Additional benefits include a wide range of colours - all Fleysen products can be ordered in any colour included in the RAL colour chart (colors beyond our product catalogue range are at an additional cost). In the case of large orders, customisation of our constructions is also possible.



Fleysen products and possible customisations

In our web product catalogue you will find the complete range of Fleysen shelving, cabinets and interior accessories. Customisation is possible for large quantities.



Fleysen standard colours without surcharge


Colour designation

Colour specification


pale green Sahara RAL 6021


black Sahara RAL 9005


pure red Sahara RAL 3028


transport white Sahara RAL 9016


blue-green Sahara RAL 6004


signal yellow Sahara RAL 1003


light blue Sahara RAL 5014


TV grey Sahara RAL 7047


dark blue Sahara RAL 5013


pink Sahara RAL 3014

RAL 2000

yellow-orange gloss RAL 2000


You can order a swatch of Fleysen surcharge-free paints here. 

Our products can be supplied in any RAL colour. Colours beyond the current range are at extra cost.


Orders for larger volumes of products

When ordering larger quantities, it is possible to modify the design of current products or develop a completely new one. Please contact for specific requirements:
Filip Dušek

Take a look at the realizations with Fleysen furniture

Contacts for professionals
Brand Manager
Jiří Mrázek
00420 603 145 362


How to start working with your company?

Register with us as a professional via a simple form or call our brand manager Jiří Mrázek, tel.: 00420 603 145 362

What are the options for customization and discounting of your products?

Fleysen products can be supplied in any RAL colour. For larger orders or long-term cooperation, it is also possible to modify the design. For more details, see Fleysen products and possible customisations, or contact Jiří Mrázek 00420 603 145 362,

What are the technical specifications of your products?

We manufacture from structural (carbon) steel. By welding, punching, bending and cutting.
We use FSC-certified MDF boards.
For 3D printing of parts we use PLA (Polylactic acid) material. 

We powder coat our products. The application of the powder paint takes place in the application booth using electrostatic application equipment. After the application of the powder paint, the polymerisation takes place in an oven at a temperature between 150 °C and 200 °C.

What is the delivery time frame for your products?

The usual delivery time is 3 to 4 weeks. In case of other colours and modifications of atypical products are always consulted based on production capacity.

What is the procedure for complaints?

If anything is not right, please contact the contact person you deal with throughout the cooperation. Complaints within the scope of cooperation are considered individually in order to achieve mutual satisfaction. If you do not know who to write to, please contact

Do you provide discounts or other benefits for professionals?

Yes. It is possible to get a discount from 5% upwards, depending on the quantity of subscriptions. For the best information and to receive additional benefits, we recommend signing up for the newsletter for professionals via a simple form.

Can I modify or influence the design of the products myself?

With long-term cooperation or larger product subscriptions, it is possible to discuss modifications to Fleysen designs or to develop a new design specifically for you. Please contact Jiří Mrázek for more details.