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It’s home! #2 – Fleysen shelves among the coffee beans

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Tomáš Laca, a top barista and owner of the BeBerry roastery, installed our tall, slim bestseller #1210 in his coffee showroom for business partners. The practical metal shelving unit in light green has become a display space for his choicest coffee beans.

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“We wanted a high-end product on which to display our selection of coffee and accessories.”

According to Tomáš, the deciding factor for his purchase was the understated design, including the colour, and the fact that the shelves were designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic. We visited the coffee lover directly in his Prague showroom to check out how the shelves work in real life and ask him a few follow-up questions.

How did you discover Fleysen and why did you choose it?

My partner and I were looking for some designer shelves for the showroom. We wanted a high-end product on which to display our selection of coffee and accessories, and we liked the colour of these shelves and the overall understated design.

Did the fact that the product is FSC certified play a role in your choice?

What I liked most was the fact that it’s from a smaller, local company that designed and produced it themselves – especially since with many brands you often have no idea where the product comes from. Another consideration for me was that an all-metal product lasts a long time and you can easily recycle it.

Did you take into account the ten-year warranty and the guarantee that we will produce replacement parts for the shelves for at least ten years?

I didn’t know anything about that, but it’s great news. At the same time, I’m sure that if these shelves stand in the same spot here for ten years, nothing will even need replacing.

How did the assembly go?

Considering that I had to put it together the night before we opened, it went great! 

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Tomáš Laca is a barista, a lecturer, and a Q Grader – a coffee evaluator and taster with an international certification. In 2021, he and his girlfriend Karin founded their own coffee roastery BeBerry.

Tomáš chose our metal shelving unit #1210. Want to see how Fleysen furniture looks in other customers’ interiors? Check out the whole series: It’s home!