It’s home! #5 Our standing shelves fit into the architect’s home like a puzzle piece


Architect and interior designer Kateřina Margoldová took a fancy to our standing shelving unit #1210 in dark green, which she paired with a hanging pegboard in the same colour. Together the two products decorate a narrow wall in her home and serve as a storage space as well as a display for her collection of analogue cameras and postcards from her holidays.


“I think it’s really great that Fleysen has revitalised an old factory in Plesná in the Ore Mountains.”

Kateřina liked the shelves’ delicate frame, and she knew immediately that she wanted them in dark green. As the owner of a home in the Ore Mountains, she also appreciates that Fleysen didn’t construct a new factory in one of the region’s green fields but instead decided to build on the tradition of production in the town of Plesná in the Czech-German border region.

How did you discover Fleysen and why did you choose it?

I was looking around online for some metal shelves, and Fleysen popped up. I immediately liked the delicate design and the dark green colour. We originally wanted a wall-mounted shelf this tall, but at the time only shorter wall units with three shelves were available, so we ended up buying the floor standing version. They do make a taller wall-mounted one now, but that doesn’t matter.

Did the fact that the product is FSC certified play a role in your choice?

That’s pretty important to me, and so I’m happy about it. At the same time, I think it’s really great that Fleysen has revitalised an old factory in Plesná in the Ore Mountains. We just bought a house there last year, so I have a connection to the region, and I was happy to support the brand for that reason as well.

Did you take into account the ten-year warranty and the guarantee that we will produce replacement parts for at least ten years?

I didn’t know about that – I just liked the shelves. But it’s good to know!

How did the assembly go?

It was a piece of cake. I don’t remember hitting any snags at all. It was great that it was packed in the green, foam “peanuts” because there were a whole lot of them and the kids were really excited.


Architect Kateřina Margoldová focuses on commercial and private projects, new buildings, renovations, and exhibitions. She entered the wider public awareness with her impressive reconstruction of the Beldov cottage in the town of Nová Ves nad Nisou.

Kateřina combined a metal pegboard with our bestselling standing shelving unit #1210 and used them to complement the well thought-out interior of her home. You might spot the same set of shelves in a different shade in, for example, the coffee showroom of the BeBerry roastery.

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